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The Brief

Safehouse is an NGO that does important work in our country. But their brand was simply not pulling its weight. The brand language was stiff, long-winded an unemotional despite being an organisation that dedicates itself to the prevention of real loss and harm. Their visual expression was outdated and they lacked the tools to tell their story in a way that inspired connection and to rally people behind a cause. 

They wanted to regain momentum and present the Safehouse brand in a more memorable, compelling and impactful way. They also needed to retain and grow their member base, while fostering a sense of pride for their internal stakeholders.

Brand Strategy

We positioned Safehouse as the trusted port of call for safe electrical products and services, assuring the industry of our newfound brand promise that a Safehouse product is a safe product. We reinvented Safehouse as a hero archetype, helping them to define what they truly believed in, and their areas of core focus and excellence. We turned their newly created vision of “Transforming the South African electrical industry” into 5 actionable mission steps that would help them achieve it. We defined their brand purpose: “To protect lives and livelihoods” – the new North Star that shaped their mandate.

*Brand Strategy output is confidential, but we’re happy to take you through a virtual presentation of some of our strategies on request.

Visual Identity

Safehouse exists to unite the concepts of safety and electricity. The brand strategy process defined their new slogan: “The Power to Protect.” This became the foundation for a conceptually rich visual identity design that brought together these contrasting concepts (safety and electricity). 

We explored the competitive and industry landscape, searching for opportunities to make Safehouse stand out through colour. There electric bright orange and navy palette is now iconic, and there mark has become the standard for safety and adherence in stores across South Africa.


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