Masters of moving parts


Key Deliverables

The Brief

The BPO Services offering evolved dramatically over its almost 30-year history, with many changes since its inception. One thing that hasn’t changed in almost 3 decades is their branding. Both the language and the visuals that represented their old brand felt lacklustre and outdated. The business has come such a long way; it’s no longer the same company, and the original verbal and visual identity needs an overhaul.

Brand Strategy

We developed a cohesive understanding of the BPO Services holistic offering, aligning their teams, and ensuring potential clients get what they do. We produced a new verbal identity that makes their complex offering easy to understand and attractive for prospective clients – to lessen the burden of face-to-face sales. We identified and highlighted where their brand experience shines and where it can improve – ensuring we position their brand in a way that makes clients feel safe and taken care of.

*Brand strategy output is confidential, but we’d be happy to take you through one of our strategies on request. 

Visual Identity

One of the core themes of BPO Services’ new brand strategy was that they are the ‘Masters of Moving Parts’ – with their ability to handle complex projects. 

We used this as a base for our work and translated BPO Services’ brand strategy into a new visual identity that celebrated their African roots. It featured a fresh colour palette that stands out amidst their clinical-looking competitor set, and natural patterns that feel distinctly South African.


  • Wireframes
  • Copywriting
  • UX/UI Design
  • WordPress Development 
  • SEO
  • Monthly Maintenance

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