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The Brief

Over time, the Quantum Crayon business has shifted its areas of focus and target markets. Its founders believed that they had a great product, but were struggling to drive sufficient revenue for the business. Their technical backgrounds hindered them from explaining their offering in simple, clear terms. And there was a tendency to get lost in over communication. The founders were eager to drive sales, and they needed a compelling message and brand in order to do so.

Brand Strategy

One of the many brand challenges the QC founders experienced was confusion around how to explain their offering to various stakeholders. We embarked on a process of creating brand messaging and stories that would resonate with each of their total addressable market. We did this through interviewing their past customers, analySing their competitors, grasping insights from their industry, and identifying opportunities for their brand to better engage prospects.

We then built a brand persona (personality and Tone of Voice) that was curious, grounded and hands-on, and ensured all communication came from that source. Lastly, we set out to answer the primary hurdles their audience faced in terms of understanding the brand, which we solved by creating engaging content that answered all of this upfront including their brand promise of “Don’t just learn. Create!” Homage to their passion for learning through experience.

*Brand Strategy output is confidential, but we’re happy to take you through a virtual presentation of some of our strategies on request. 

Visual Identity

Quantum Crayon had a visual identity challenge! They need to appeal to corporate funders, tech founders, schools that adopt their programs, and most importantly – the young students that form their community. A wide variety of target audiences that each has their own tastes and sensibilities.

The identity also had to combine creativity and technology, celebrating their passion for teaching. When we combined Technology and Creativity (their WHAT), with Quantum Crayon’s ambition of contributing towards a bright future for South African student (their WHY), the opportunities were infinite. We drew inspiration for our logo and brand through the concept of infinity – expressed in the logo and with their now iconic yellow infinity line.


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